Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kayson Strong Mortensen

More pictures of Kayson the night he was born!!

So here is are sweet new addition to are family! Kayson Strong Mortensen was born February 14, 2011 at 5:45 pm. I went in that morning to get induced they started me at 7 am, it was a long morning! Thank goodness that are nurses where so good!! Thanks to aunt Michelle:) It's always nice to have someone with connections! So the doc didn't brake my water until after noon they had to wait for my antibiotic to kick in. So needless to say it was a boring morning, of course it was nice to actually sleep without having my legs go crazy! ( Thank you epidural!) The doc came in and broke my water, then it was smooth sailing from there. I started dilating pretty fast once I dilate to a 5 it's not long! So Matt and I were just sitting there talking when I started feeling a lot of pressure so we called in the nurse she checked me and sure enough I was ready to go. Matt called the fam and told them it wasn't going to be long, they got everything ready and by 5:30 the Doctor came in and asked me if I was ready to have this baby? I turned to him and said I was ready two weeks ago! He thought that was pretty funny. Needless to say I started pushing and with one contraction our little angel was born!! The doc was impressed he looked at Matt and told him if that's how fast I have kids then we should have a truck load:) Matt's look was priceless!! They wiped him off and put him on my chest, I just started crying I don't know what it is but bringing a child into the world it's one of the most wonderful, spiritual things that I have experienced. To know that Heavenly Father is trusting me with raising these sweet baby boys is so special to me!! I only tore just a tiny bit so as the doc was fixing me up the fam showed up. I was really excited to see how Branson would react to his new little brother! Maralee brought him in and he was really excited to see his mom and dad but when he saw Kayson he just stared at him with a really funny look on his face then looked at me and told me no, no, no and pushed him away. It was really sad at first then I kept telling myself that he would warm up to him it just might take awhile. So as every one else was holding the baby, Branson was more concerned about eating my dinner!! Love that little boy:) Sorry it has taken so long to post this, but here are some more pictures of that night!!