Thursday, November 14, 2013


We were able to go see my brother in Washington, it was quite the adventure so here are a few pics from our trip!
 Here we go!!
 Aunt's make the best pillows!
 picking corn for dinner:)
 Grandma and Jax
 We had lots and lots of corn!
 riding the rides at cori's dads store

 Kayson loved this ride, he was the only one:)

 playing with the pigs

 Branson wasn't sure about the baby calf

 Kings of the mountain

 waiting for there turn to shoot

So blessed, love my little family!!!

Branson Dean

Cant believe this is Branson's last year in Preschool!! He has come so far, and done amazing! He tries so hard to become better with everything that is placed in front of him, Where he has had hard times getting kids to play with him because of his speech he is always trying to make friends. He is such a happy little boy and makes everyone around him smile! He loves to talk:) Making anyone within an inch of him his new best friend!! Branson loves Spiderman these days,(not my favorite, but what do you do:) Loves to shoot the gun with his dad, digging in his sandbox looking for dinosaur bones, and riding his bike like he is qualifying for nascar:) I don't know what I would do without this little man in my life he is truly amazing!! Feel so blessed that he gets to call me mom!

Jaxson and Branson

So I know it has been forever since I posted anything, and frankly with three kids I'm lucky to get in the shower before midnight. But I have a few minutes today so I'm playing catch up, so please forgive me for the overload!! Time has gone by so fast, I cant believe this little man is already ten mouths. I'm truly blessed with the best boys, they look out for each other I love watching them play and take care of each other!! I found Branson one morning feeding Jax Ice cream, he told me he needed a treat and that he didn't have teeth so ice cream was the best treat for Jaxson. They sat in there room and ate the rest of the ice cream together. (there were only like two spoonful's left) Love my boys!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Splash Pad:)

 Chip faced
 Watching his brothers run through the water, thought it was pretty funny!
 It was pretty cold the first jump in.
 Branson slowly creeping into the water.
 Watching the kids:)
 Told me Mom no more pictures
 Catching some sun trying to stay warm:)
 Pooped him right out!!
Tuffy's face he gives all of us, all the time:) We had so much fun playing with Tuff, Hunter, and Brayden!! What can I say my kids our fish if there is water anywhere in the vicinity there going to be in it!!:)

My boys:)

My little munchkins, cant believe how big there getting! There such bright spots in my life and can make my day so much better with there smiles.  I'm one lucky mommy to be able to raise these three handsome little boys!! (even though trying to take pictures of them are unreal!) Feeling so blessed!!!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kayson's Birthday

 I know a day late and a dollar short:) but better late then never! Kayson's Birthday was so much fun he wanted a nemo party so it was fun decorating for his party, and yes I bought gold fish to put on the table for decor kayson loved it!!

 My mom is amazing!

We are so blessed to have Kayson aka "Lovers" as Matt calls him in our life!  He has the sweetest little spirit and gives the best loves! We love having Kayson around he always can put a smile on your face and has the funniest facial expressions, my favorite is his big brown eyes!! Happy Birthday my little fish I Love you so much!!!