Monday, November 29, 2010

Branson loves watching his aunts play Basketball. He has been watching them play since he was just a few months old. We were watching Tralee play ball this particular day he was sitting on Grandma's lap yelling and clapping for Tralee it was so stinkin cute!! So we spend a lot of time at ball games!

Like father like son!!! We got Branson ready for bed one night and turned on a movie for him. That is his favorite thing to do before bed because he thinks he is getting out of going to bed. He will take Matt's hand take him into our room and point to the t.v. then turn on the DVD player and stand by our bed until one of us picks him up and sits him on the bed. It's pretty dang cute. But one night I came back into the room and both Branson and his dad were passed out!!! I love when he snuggles with Matt it makes his day!!!

We went to chili's one night as a family. Branson didn't have a nap that day so all he wanted was his blanket and his nummy!!!

By the end of dinner he was done:)

Matt's mom's famous caramel apples. I had to put these pics on even though Matt does not approve:) We were all laughing so hard because he had more caramel on his face then he had in his mouth!!!!

This year for Halloween Matt's mom bought Branson his costume. He made the cutest Monkey ever!!! It was much harder this year taking his picture he didn't want to hold still, so we had his aunt Cassidy behind my dad making faces trying to make him smile. After many attempts we finally were able to get some cute pics!!! We were planning on taking him trick-or-treating but the lovely weather that night we ended up just visiting grandparents!

We went camping out west over UEA break. I love going out west, there is nobody out there so it doesn't feel like I-15. Branson had so much fun all he did was run around and ride the 4-wheeler. He didn't like staying in the trailer he would look out the window like he was a prisoner or something then he would turn around and point outside and says,"Out". It was dang cute. Matt spent most his time on the wheeler with Branson if anyone was on a machine he had to be right behind them!! We had quite the visitor one night we were all making dinner and one of the guys yelled at us to come look what was by his trailer, so we all ran over there and I freaked there was a huge spider it was so gross. Needless to say I checked out our trailer before we went to bed that night!!!

So Branson had his first experience playing in the irrigation water this year. Mom and Dad flood the backyard and Branson thought that was pretty cool! He started just walking threw it, within 10 mins he was rolling, jumping, and crawling all through it!!! He was so
wet that we just took off all his cloths and let him run around in his diaper! By the end he had Grandma running threw the water with him. It was fun watching him play like we use to!

Let me catch ya all up on our lives. We took Branson to the Zoo for the first time, he had so much fun he didn't know what to think of all the animals. His favorite though was the Elephants! He rode the merry-go-round. We went to the bird show which was really fun, he loved watching the birds come in from all sides of the stage. Then his aunt Cori and aunt Tralee took him on the train around the zoo he thought that was pretty neat. We had to get him a chocolate treat to get him off the train! So needless to say he had a lot of fun!!