Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

It was so much fun watching Branson this year he was so excited about everything!! We had both Grandparents there to watch him see his Santa gift and open his presents, it is so much fun to watch the grandparents faces as well they just light up when Branson would get excited!

Branson on his Truck that Santa brought him. He loved his truck we had a hard time getting him off of it to open his other presents!!!

Branson was not quite awake Christmas morning waiting for Grandma and Grandpa Mortensen. He would look out the window turn to Grandma Fraughton say Grandma and then point where his Santa gifts were and say go! It was so cute. He wanted his Grandma and his gifts. It took him 20 mins. to finally wake up enough and realize what was going on that he started sneaking into the other room to get is presents!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

So things are a little crazy around here lately. Matt and I just went in to see how much we could qualify for a house, and let me tell you filling out that paper work I had knots in my stomache. And at the same time I'm really excited to. Christmas is almost here I am so excited I love watching Branson open gifts he is so animated that it makes it so much fun! Cassidy turns 16 tomorrow!!! I feel so old it just seems like yesterday that mom and dad were bringing her home in a stocking:) Oh how the times fly by! We have about 8 more weeks until this little guy arrives!!! I was telling Matt the other day that in a couple weeks we have to pull all the baby stuff back out and wash all the clothes again after being in storage for awhile. It will be so much fun watching Branson try to get use to having a brother around. We have been watching Tuckers puppy while there in Washington and all we hear all day is Branson telling that poor dog what to do. So it will prove to be interesting when Kayson gets here. Morning sickness has hit again! Seems like when I'm ready to call it a night, it decides to flare up. Between that and restless leg I'm going crazy! But I have to remember that it is all for a good cause!!! Branson is getting so big! He is starting to put words together and he is understanding more and more everyday!! He is such a joy in my life! I don't know what I would to without his smile every morning! Needless to say me and Matt are very blessed!!!!