Friday, February 11, 2011

Kayson is on his way!!

So Tuesday we went to the doc, it was a great appointment told me I was 90% thinned out and dilate to a 2. So he told me that since they were inducing me on Monday that he was going to strip my membranes to try to get me to dilate just a little more. So the next couple of days I have been walking to the high school and getting my mom and walking back to try to get my Braxton Hicks contractions to kick in a little more. Well when you walk six miles it sure works;) So I walked yesterday, after we got home my contractions started so I sat in my mom's jet tub for an hour:) Heavenly!!! Contractions were about every 5 minutes apart, but then they died down:( So Matt came home from work and we went to the school to get my work done, we get home and my stomach was hard as a rock from the Braxton Hicks. So I'm sitting there watching Nemo with Branson and my contractions start in again but this time they were hurting and coming about every 2 minutes!!! So my mom starts teasing Matt that he better get in the shower because if we didn't get out there in time for me to get an epidural that he might as well sign the papers because I would kill him. It was really funny! So as were timing my contractions waiting for Matt, my dad is sitting on the couch telling me to visualize the ocean and try to relax then he tells me he walks by in a speedo. So in a middle of a contraction I'm trying not to fall off the coach laughing!!! Gotta love that man! So Matt and dad gave me a blessing before we headed to the hospital, which I'm so grateful for the priesthood in my life!!! That I can call on my husband or my dad to give me a blessing!! Thanks guys for being worthy to do that. So were at the hospital and they have me all hooked up and the nurse checks me to see were I'm dilated to. Still a 2:( bummer so she tells me that there going to keep me for an hour and then check me again. So an hour passes and still no change but the new nurse that came in told me my contractions were really regular so I stayed another hour to see if I would dilate a little more. So another hour passes and still nothing. I was so ticked! This little guy is being stubborn! So she sent us home and said if your contractions get stronger come back in. So we get home at 11 and I hop back into the tub and my contractions pretty much stayed the same. So long night but no baby yet! So lets hope that in the next couple days he'll decide to join his family that is waiting so patiently for him to get here!!!!