Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Boys:)

I have to say I am one lucky mom! I love these boys more then life itself. They are such a joy in my life!! Branson adores Kayson he has been such a big help lately. He will help me change Kayson, he will sit under Kayson's toys and talk with him, he wipes off his mouth when he spits up ( my favorite), and he will go get Kayson's bink when he starts to cry, shoves it in his mouth and tells him to stop!:) I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for my boys, he has blessed me so much!! Mommy loves you Branson and Kayson!!!:)


Branson was getting mad at the tree because it was getting in his way so he would smack it every time he would pass it:)

Branson loves to swim he is my little water baby!! I was out watching him one day and he was getting so tired I had to go grab my camera and take a few shots! He was trying to lay down in the water but that was not working very well so he decided that the slide would have to do!

Branson and his Dad:)

Branson wrestling with his dad! He climbs on Matt and says, " Got you" then starts to laugh.

I love watching Branson with Matt! He loves his dad so much, it is amazing how Matt turns into this big teddy bear when Branson comes around. Branson will ask me all day when dad is coming home from work and then waits by the window for him. I am so blessed to have such a awesome man in my life that adores his kids!!!