Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kayson Strong

Kayson is getting so big, he is starting to do more and more each day. He is rolling all over, trying really hard to figure out the crawling thing:) He is finally sitting up!! Loves to watch Branson play, you can see how bad he wants to run around with his brother. His new thing is spitting, there are some day's it looks like he is going to blow a head gasket:) He has the cutest personality, he is just a mellow kid not a lot really gets to him. He loves the water like his big brother they will get in the tub together and splash each other and laugh:) Branson will pretend to sneeze in Kayson's face and that little boy just chuckles, he adores his big brother:) My favorite thing that he does is he will just sit and watch you, I have never seen that before it is like he is just taking it all in! I'm so grateful to have this sweet little boy!! Mommy loves you so much Kayson!!!

Branson Dean

Branson is getting so big!! The cute little things he is doing lately just make me smile! He makes sure he gives me a hug and a kiss in the morning, he will eat breakfast then want to clean up after himself ( and always making sure I'm watching so he gets a high five after:) Wants to hold his brother in the morning and is always asking to feed him. He loves to be outside, the child would live out there if I would let him:) He loves loves loves his dad!! Wants to do everything that he does, it is so fun to watch! I am so blessed to have this little monkey in my life!!! Love you so much bud, your mommy:)

Beck Reunion

The Beck reunion was so much fun we stayed at the Heber Valley Girls Camp. The first night we were just by ourselves which was really fun, when we arrived there were three deer laying underneath the pine tree by are cabin. Branson went nuts!! We unloaded and went for a hike around the lake, it was so pretty! Needless to say our night didn't turn out that well. Between Jay snoring and Maralee telling him that he is snoring, lets just say Becca, Matt, and I could not stop laughing. Matt was laughing so hard and trying to be quite he was squeaking and that just made it worse. Then Branson decided at three that it was time to get up and play outside, he really didn't care it was pitch black!! It was a zoo, I still don't know how Kayson didn't wake up!! Everyone else arrived the next day. We went out on the lake in paddle boats, Branson's favorite and did a challenge course were you had to climb up a tree, go across a rope, then to get to the bottom they hooked you on a zip line. I was terrified I'm not a fan of heights but I made it threw! That night we watched slides of Maralee and her family and talked about Grandma June and J Paul. It was fun listening to all the story's the brothers remembered. I'm so lucky to have Matt's family, they truly love each other and care about each other which I value so much!!! So here are some fun pictures of the fun filled weekend:)