Monday, January 30, 2012


I have been so bad with my blog lately, so sorry if I bore you with all our updates!!
After a year of looking for a house at the end of October we found cute little house in Lehi!! We love it! We have an amazing ward, I truly believe that we are suppose to be there!! The best part is the huge yard for the kids to run around in:) I have loved painting and decorating the way I want:)

We were able to get a dog for Branson, we found a black lab that I really think Matt loves more the Branson:) He is a fun addition to the family. Trigger is very protective of Branson and Kayson!!

We were able to spend Christmas in our new home!!! Although Matt had to work this year having it on Sunday was really special for me, I think I always get caught up in the worldly things of Christmas that I forget the true meaning, and getting to go to church and feel of the spirit makes you think on how blessed we truly are!!

My cute sister in law is getting ready to bring my nephew into the world!!! We are super excited to meet this sweet little spirit:) Hopefully he will be here on Friday, but as we come to find out they have minds of there own and they will come when they want:)

My sweet little Kayson is turning one in a couple weeks:( It is so sad to think he is growing up so fast!! He is such a sweet little boy, and gives the best hugs:) We are so blessed to have Kayson and Branson in our lifes.

We have been trying to potty train Branson and I have come to the conclusion, I would rather search for a needle in a haystack then potty train a three year old!!! The only time he wants to go potty, is when he wants to get out of the things he doesnt want to do:) My favorite is when he gets into trouble, and he is headed for time out and all the sudden he has to go potty. What a character!! Gotta love that kid:)

Sorry for the overload I will try to do better in keeping everyone posted on our fun crazy lifes!! But when your chasing a three year old and a one year old I'm lucky if I can get in the shower that day!! :)