Monday, March 26, 2012

Kayson turned ONE!!!!

So my little man turned one in February! He is such a joy in my life! We had a tractor party for Kayson and my talented mother made his cake! It turned out so cool, she is amazing!!
HE loved his cake the only part of it he wanted was the donuts:) It was so fun to have all are family there! We are so lucky to have this sweet little spirit in our home. As his dad refers to him as "lovers" he adores his big brother and is in his back pocket every chance he gets! I cant believe how time fly's, it doesn't seem like its been a year!! Well I'm sorry this is like a month late, we finally got a computer so hopefully I can be a lot better with trying to keep everything undated!! We love you Kayson and are so happy your in our life's!! Love you baby boy! Happy Birthday:)