Thursday, August 23, 2012

Park City

We made our annual Park City trip that just went by way way to fast!! We were able to do so many fun things!! Swimming, fishing, zip lines, shopping, going for walks, swimming, playing at the park, card games, swimming, and hiking:) It is always fun going up and watching the boys have a blast! I'm so lucky to have amazing in laws, that just adore those sweet little boys!!
 when we weren't in the pool they were in the big bath tub!
 Had the pool all to ourselves one morning it was so nice!!
 Tyler and Grandma getting ready to go on the zip lines, the one hung over a 250ft. canyon!
 Kayson chillin just waiting for Tyler and Grandma
 Branson waiting for Tyler and Grandma
 Up at the lake fishing, he was one tired little boy!
 Just got done fishing, time for a snack:)
 Trying really hard to get a picture, and of course I say picture and my kids automatically go into melt down mode!! Gotta love it:)
 Tyler playing catch with the boys:)
 Kayson trying to swim to daddy by himself!!
 Branson loved having Matt around he misses him so much, he couldn't get enough of his dad this trip!! Poor Matt had a shadow the whole time:)
 Kayson waiting patiently for the rest of us to get ready:)
 Tyler playing in the trucks with Branson
Needless to say we could not get this one out of the truck!! The ride would stop then he would yell at us " Need fifteen five more to make it go" Lets just say we all ran out of quarter's!!

Picnic up the canyon!!

So after a very long summer we are doing much better and the boys are healed:) So trying to make up for the loss we have been swimming and spending a lot of time outside!! One night we decided to go up the canyon and have a picnic! There is nothing better than a Cafe Rio salad and sitting up the canyon:) The boys had so much fun getting out of the house, its just amazing how the simple things can turn out to be so much fun!!
 Kayson chasing his ball!
 Matt's family climbing this huge rock that was at our picnic site.
 Even Grandma climbed the rock:)

 Sure loves his aunt Becca:)
Kayson even joined in the rock climbimg, of course he thought it was a lot more fun to jump off them!

Helping dad:)

So Branson decided one morning that he needed to take care of his dad, he comes in our room with his little drill, hops on the bed tells his dad to hold still and starts drilling his face. We both look at each other wondering what he is doing, so I asked him what he was doing to daddy he turns to me says he is getting his ouchy's aka (zits) we both busted out laughing I have never laughed so hard!!
 concentrating on getting daddy's ouchy
making sure dad doesn't move:)