Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Green Thumb

So despite our wonderful summer I have managed to steel some of my mothers green thumb!:) I love the look of a million flowers all over her yard, where we are just starting out I was pretty happy how they turned out this year I love the canalily's they are my favorite they bring the hummingbirds, the boys and I have loved watching them out the window!!
 My inpatients had a rocky start this year but have turned out to be so pretty!!

This area was my favorite!! It turned out to be so pretty, I have been teased because unknowingly I planted Lehi colors all over my yard:) I just thought they looked really pretty together at the store!!
 Along the front of the house they filled in so pretty!

Brotherly Love

So this is were Branson spends most of his days lately and his little brother just doesn't understand. So yesterday I was watching from the other room and Kayson kept trying to get him to come with him to play. Branson would simply tell him he was on his time out chair, so the next thing I know Kayson gives him a great big hug, it was so cute he was so worried about his brother!!

 Kayson hugging Branson cause he couldn't get off his chair:)
The timer went off and Branson gets up and says, "I'm all done Kase!!" and gives him a big hug! It was so funny to watch these two and the ironic thing was Branson was in time out for pushing Kayson to the ground, go figure:)