Thursday, October 18, 2012

My better half:)

So as I'm trying to be better about keeping things up to date and this is the closest thing to a Journal I'm ever going to get!! I need to express to my kids how blessed I am to have their daddy in my life!  He is so special to me our story is a crazy one, and I'm grateful for our many crazy adventures it sure helped us to grow closer to our Heavenly Father. He is definitely my better half, and I'm grateful he is so patient with me! Your dad has so many amazing quality's!! He is very hard working, and has so much to offer others. He has a very contagious laugh and once he starts there is no stopping it to the point were he is doubled over in tears ( one of my favorites), He loves his Heavenly Father and honors his priesthood which is a huge blessing in our life's, He loves his kids more than life itself and would do anything for them!! I love the way he takes me in his arms and tells me how much he loves me and how he is so lucky:), He served his misson and loved the people he served, He loves to wrestle with you boys, his favorite thing about Branson is when he wakes in the morning crawls into bed with us and gets right up in his face and says, "Good morning Dad!" with a great big smile, his favorite thing with Kayson is when I bring him in our room in the morning and Kayson goes crazy seeing his daddy is home he crawls on the bed and snuggles right in with him. He tells me often that those are the things that makes his day!! I love how he supports his family and mine, he as been to more basketball games in the six years we have been married then his whole life time:) I'm truly grateful for that wonderful quality. I love how he plays with his boys, I will come home from work and Matt, Branson, and Kayson will be laying in the middle of the floor playing trucks all making truck noise's!  He loves to sing especially when we are cooking dinner it is concert live at the Mortensen house hold and he loves nothing better then when you boys start singing and dancing along, I love your daddy's smile there is nothing better than coming home from a really bad day and seeing that smile that I fell in Love with!!!  I could go on for days of the things that I love most about your daddy but I want him to know that there is no greater blessing in my life than having him by my side through all of our many adventures we have experienced together thus far! Matt I love you more than you'll ever know and I'm so grateful for our two soon to be three boys we have the privilege of raising together!! Thank you for all you do for us to make our lives easier!! I LOVE YOU:)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween Costumes:)

 Branson loves being a Dinosaur for Halloween he stomps really slowly around the house and growls it is so funny to watch him use his imagination!!
 What a Charmer:)
 Our little Jaws!
 Kayson doesn't know what to think about his costume all he does is pull on it trying to take it off, oh well he still makes one cute shark!
I'm one lucky mom to have these handsome boys in my life, they are so fun and full of energy!! Mommy sure loves you two munchkins!!

Grandma's Pumpkin Party

 Me and the boys with their pumpkins they picked!!
 Tuffy with his pumpkin he picked:)
Tuffy and Shelby:)