Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kayson's Birthday

 I know a day late and a dollar short:) but better late then never! Kayson's Birthday was so much fun he wanted a nemo party so it was fun decorating for his party, and yes I bought gold fish to put on the table for decor kayson loved it!!

 My mom is amazing!

We are so blessed to have Kayson aka "Lovers" as Matt calls him in our life!  He has the sweetest little spirit and gives the best loves! We love having Kayson around he always can put a smile on your face and has the funniest facial expressions, my favorite is his big brown eyes!! Happy Birthday my little fish I Love you so much!!!

Jaxson's Blessing

 Grandpa and Grandma Fraughton
 Was not a happy camper:)
 Grandpa and Grandma Mortensen, aunt shell and aunt Becca
 Toad, Shelby, and Tuff
 Cori and Tuck
 Cassidy and Tralee
 Grandma Dix ( best pic I have they wouldn't hold still:)
 Our sweet little family(all boys!!) I really need to do something about this:)
Four generations all together just missing Grandpa Dean, wish he could have been there!!! we are so lucky to have this little man apart of our family we love him so much and he brings a sweet spirit into our home!! Feeling so blessed:)

Bransons Birthday!

I know this is a few months behind but Happy Birthday to my little man!! He is a such a joy in our life, he can brighten up a room with his smile, he says the funniest things, he had such a sweet heart and cares about everyone around him! We are so lucky to have him in our family he is definitely a bright spot, I love you dean and so happy you call me mommy!!

 We had a shark party, that's his new favorite obsession!
 My mom once again did an amazing job on his cake he was thrilled!
 enjoying there pizza:)

 We took him bowling that is his favorite thing to do and he is soooo good at it he out scores me all the time!
 Always have to take a picture with grandma and her amazing cake:)
 Loved the John Deere hat uncle Tuck and aunt Cori gave him!
 Toad and shelby gave him water toys and he was soo excited about his shark water gun!!
 Long story short we saw these rain boots at the store and his birthday was only a few days away so on a couple of attempts he tired to put them in the cart:) as i was sneaking them back for the third time grandma Dix called and asked what she could give him, needless to say grandma was his favorite that night!!!
He had such a fun night bowling, pizza, and a shark party he was one happy little boy Matt's family gave him a big wheel bike which he loved! but for some reason my camera went fuzzy but we are so lucky to have such amazing family surrounding us!!! Happy Birthday Branson we sure love you!