Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Splash Pad:)

 Chip faced
 Watching his brothers run through the water, thought it was pretty funny!
 It was pretty cold the first jump in.
 Branson slowly creeping into the water.
 Watching the kids:)
 Told me Mom no more pictures
 Catching some sun trying to stay warm:)
 Pooped him right out!!
Tuffy's face he gives all of us, all the time:) We had so much fun playing with Tuff, Hunter, and Brayden!! What can I say my kids our fish if there is water anywhere in the vicinity there going to be in it!!:)

My boys:)

My little munchkins, cant believe how big there getting! There such bright spots in my life and can make my day so much better with there smiles.  I'm one lucky mommy to be able to raise these three handsome little boys!! (even though trying to take pictures of them are unreal!) Feeling so blessed!!!!