Thursday, June 30, 2011

Park City!!

Like father like son we had a good laugh at this pic, there facial expressions were the same. I said something to them and they both gave me the same look. Got to love my boys!!

Branson in the big jet tub in our room, between the pool and the tub he spent most of his time in the water:)

Kayson in his swimming suit, he loved the water and cried when we took him out. What can I say I have two little water baby's!!

Sitting outside on the balcony with grandpa!

Branson loved the balcony as well he would close the door and talk to Matt through the glass, it was pretty funny! After he turned to me and was telling me something forgot he closed the door ran back to get his dad and ran right smack into the door. As he was crying I was trying not to laugh because it reminded me of the Windex commercials:) poor little boy!! Needless to say we had tonz of fun, it just went by way to fast!! So sorry I posted a million things it has been crazy just not enough time in the day, especially with two kids!! Love my boys!!

Splash Pad:)

Branson loved going to the Splash Pad in Highland! It is the neatest place, we had a blast with Ash and Parker! It is always nice to find a place that does not cost a thing yet it entertains the kids!!

Random Pics

This is how Branson has been watching his shows lately, he hops in Kayson's bouncer and tells me he is ready!

So I went to check on Branson one night after I had put him to bed and I walk in and saw this I started laughing because he would not let those balloons out of his sight all day. So apparently he thought he had to sleep with them so I would not throw them away.

Our little Kaser's he loves being outside as much as his brother! We just cant get enough of this little guy!! He is growing so fast, just turned four months.

So I have been going with my mom and dad bike riding every morning and it is Branson's favorite part of the day. One morning we had something come up so we didn't end up going till that night and Branson told me "go on bike mom." So I ended up taking him and we didn't even make it to the end of the block before he was passed out!!


The last few months all we have been doing is spending our time outside. Branson can't get enough! And trying to get him to pose for the camera is near impossible. When I am able to get him to stop for five seconds he pulls the funniest faces! Got to love that kid:)

Matt and Branson throwing the football! When he is not playing with his basketball he has a football in his hands, hopefully one day he will end up either in the NBA or the NFL then he can take care of Matt and I:)

Love watching these two play together, Matt sure can't get enough of that little boy!!