Thursday, May 24, 2012


 Branson's favorite thing to do is make cookies and have the beaters!
I finally was able to take a picture without the beaters in his mouth! 
The boys love helping me in the kitchen, there favorite is to make cookies or wash the dishes.  And yes it is a shocker Kayson still fits in the bumbo!! It's a tight squeeze but it works when he wants to be up there helping:)

Friday, May 18, 2012

My little artist:)

 The hallway
 My stove
 The entry way into the front room
 My favorite the dishwasher!
 My kitchen cupboards and drawers, there are four that look like this!
And another part of the kitchen wall!! So Branson decided one Sunday that he was bored and went searching through the house and came across a black magic marker hidden in the junk drawer!!  Matt was in the shower and I was just putting my dress on and within 7 mins. My house became Branson's canvas:)  Needless to say I cryed because I had no clue how to get any of this out, and its a good thing I love that little boy more than life itself!!! So after all afternoon the next day scrubbing with acetone the only thing I have to do is repaint my kitchen! Needless to say all the markers are locked away and we just laugh about it now!!

Finally warm weather!!!

 Branson decided that he wasn't dirty enough, and picked up some wood that was burned and rubbed it all over his face and told me he was daddy!!
 Playing in that water:) Had to finally go get something to put water in they were trying to play in the water coming down the street from sprinklers!
 They were really tired of me trying to take pics:)
Branson trying to get mommy wet! Little bug:) Cant believe how big there both getting. I love how they play together! Of course it's not nice all the time it wouldn't be a day if Kayson isn't teasing Branson.  And Branson isn't taking something from Kayson!  But at the end of the day they are still giving each other hugs and kisses my favorite!! I love how protective they are of each other, I really hope they keep that up!! I'm so blessed to have these two munchkins in my life!!! I am one lucky Mom!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kayson 1 year old pics

 "Lovers" as his dad calls him:)  He is so much fun he has such a
soft little heart, but watch out because he is a spitfire when something happens that he doesn't like!!!
 I love this picture!! This is how he is most of the time just happy and laughing!
 We had so much fun with these since he was born on Valentines Day!!
The poor little thing was done:)

Branson 3 years

My cute little bug!! He loves basketball so we decided to take pictures with his
favorite things so we wouldn't forget what he LOVED at this age:)

 I love this smile!!
 I cant believe how big he is getting:)