Saturday, December 8, 2012

Feeling Crafty:)

 I love creating new things it takes my mind off of everyday stresses, and I love that Matt loves what I can come up with!! I also couldn't do it without his help, he tells me just to put a sign above our door that says "Mortensen's Woodworking"  gotta love that man!!! Here are a few things that I made for our Christmas decorations!!
 This was my favorite, I love when hobby lobby has there flowers on sale they have some really cool things!
 It still needs a tree, but waiting for my very "busy" husband to run to the storage shed!!:) Who new you could make cute presents with old diaper boxes and scrapbook paper I thought they turned out really cute and soooo cheap to make!!
 I love my snowman!!!
He needed a friend so I came up with this cute little board, aka love my cricket and the stuff I can do with it!!!!


 Who new stockings werent just for candy and gifts that they have many different uses:) Branson decided that his cowboy boots were getting to small and took mine and Matt's stockings and was wearing them around the house! He told me, Mom these are perfect!! Love that little man he comes up with some crazy things! Good thing he is asking Santa for a new pair:)
And yes Kayson is hiding:)