Friday, June 15, 2012


So everything comes in threes everyone kept saying, well it came in full!! So we just get back from Primary Children's with Branson the next day Matt's family came over to check on how everything was going, the girls took the kids for a walk and Matt was putting water on the lawn and since I had a minute I started weeding. The girls had came back from the walk and it was starting to get dark so we all decided to head in Michelle was carrying Branson and Matt's dad had Kayson. So as were heading in Jay goes to take a step and our dog ran by him clipping his leg, then went down Kayson came down and smacked his head on the sidewalk it was the worst sound ever it was like dropping a watermelon onto the ground, we ran over I picked up Kayson he was white poor grandpa was a wreak, I started for the house and Kayson stopped breathing I sat there holding him crying just begging him to start breathing I could not do this again and I didn't have a whole hospital staff on hand. He finally caught his breath and we ran inside, he wasn't acting normal so we headed to the hospital again. We get out there and we let the doctor know what happened and he say well ok there is no swelling and he seems to be doing ok so I will be right back. in the meantime my mom showed up. I'm so happy she did!! The doc comes back and he tells us out of 99.9% of kids that have this type of fall if there not doing this and this and he named a few things he should be ok. So we told him ok he said he would watch him for 10-15 minutes and see how he does. After he left for and hour Kayson did nothing but scream and if anyone knows him he doesn't act that way. So he comes back in and I told him this just wasn't normal for him, so they decided to do the CT scan and check. Matt went in to help with his CT and came back and said that is child abuse, that was the hardest thing I ever had to do. Poor Matt had to hold him down as tight as he could so they could get good pictures. After about an eternity later the doc came back in, looked at us and said he had a fractured skull and bleeding on his brain. I lost it, once again we were heading to Primary Children's. Mom gave me a big hug and said its a good thing they found it, what would of happened if we would of just went home? So I went into the bathroom as they strapped him into the ambulance broke down for a good five minutes. just in complete shock that this was happening. So we get up to Primarys and they rush him into the trauma unit were they woke him up started cutting off his clothes strapping him up to every machine they had put him in a neck brace, and start taking blood as I'm just standing there helpless trying to hold it all together, Matt was still driving up. Once they had him stable and ready to head into x rays I was able to go and hold him the poor little thing was scared to death. So Matt shows up and we get his x rays taken care of, so now were off to the PICU luckily we were only there one night and in the Infant care for another. The bleeding started to drain so that was a good sign, and his vitals were really good. He had a hard time figuring out who Matt was for awhile, but he started to come around. So they sent us home with strict instructions that he could not be left alone at all and he could not hit his head on anything. I looked at them like do you have a bubble because you do realize he is 16 months!! We are so blessed that everything turned out so well because with a head injury and were it was it could of been so much worse!! We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends that care so much I don't know how to repay you for all of your kindness!! We are so blessed to have these little one's here and some what healthy at the moment, I have been truly blessed by my Heavenly Father my mom found a scripture that is now my favorite Mosiah 24:13-14 all I could do was cry reading this because I forget how much he is really with us day in and day out. Thank you again everyone who has helped my little family this past week I am deeply grateful for each one of you!!!!

Miracle #2

My Brave little Boy

It was just another normal Sunday Matt took Branson to church, I stayed home with Kayson were I was suffering from morning sickness. They came home and we went over to Maralee's for dinner. After dinner Matt's mom had to walk around the block to gather money for a funeral in the ward so Branson decided he wanted to go with.  So as the finished up a couple houses down from Matts moms there is a little girl and she decided Branson had to stay and play which Branson did not hesitate one min. So Maralee came down to tell us were he was and since we were heading out we thought we would just get him on the way. So everything was ready to go and we were on our way I walked down with Maralee and Matt loaded Kayson and met us in the car. As we came to the house Branson, the little girl, and the dad were just sitting on the lawn, Branson was laying there not moving we automatically new something was wrong. We went running and Branson was white as a ghost, Maralee picked him up and his legs just dangled I knew something was wrong we ran to the car and Maralee and becca took Kayson and Matt and I ran out to the ER again mind you this is only seven days after Kayson fell in the pond. On the way out if I even moved my arms he would cry out in pain, by this time I was a wreak, we get out there and they lay him on the bed and his left leg just fell the nurse had me help her get his pants off when we pulled them off his upper left leg was so swollen, it was huge. The doctor came in which was the same one we had a week earlier with Kayson, looked at Branson and goes his leg is broke will take an x ray then were sending you up to primary children's to have them fix it. So they take the x ray the poor thing had snapped it right in half. We rode up in the ambulance they came and put a brace on his leg were they had to pull his leg straight and strap it in, the worst thing I ever had to watch all I could so was cry watching him in so much pain. Luckily we had a really good ambulance crew that night and Big Beau was there and he was so sweet with Branson as they put him onto the stretcher Big Beau sat there and rubbed Branson's head telling him that they were going to take good care of him and they wouldn't let anything else happen to him. So once again I start crying, I put myself back together and were on our way up to Primary's. we get up there and they get him into a room and start him on some medicine his grandma's and grandpa's and his aunts take turns to check up on him. He started falling asleep and had a muscle cramp that woke him up, and when he did from the pain he jerked his other leg hitting his broken leg, and he just went nuts from the pain, and from that stopped breathing I couldn't get him to breathe so my mom called the nurses in I turned into to Matt and just lost it, they were having a hard time getting him to breathe so my mom dragged me out as I'm hysterical. I get out into the waiting room and dropped just sobbing not knowing what was happening. I scared the living tar out of the rest of my family. Matts mom thought he had died, I had everyone in a panic. The cute doctor came out about eight minutes later telling me he started breathing again that he was stable and doing fine. That was the worst 10 minutes I ever had in my life. Matt was even getting really scared because it was taking a minute to get him to come back. So in the meantime they took him off the board from the ambulance and took the brace off and wrapped it up so he wasn't able to move it and luckily he was able to fall back to sleep, we were not able to do anything until morning. As we waited to get a room for the night we found out he was trying to climb a fence to get to the horses and must have fallen because the little girls dad found him in the pastor.  After a very long night he went into the OR about seven the next morning and within an hour they put his body cast on, he got back up to his room and told me Mommy take it off, I said sweety I cant he looks at me and points and says go away. I felt so bad that there was nothing that I could do. By that afternoon he was eating and drinking so they sent us on our way, so for six weeks the poor little thing is stuck in that not so fun cast. But we are so grateful that so many people took such good care of our little man!! Mommy and Daddy love you so much and are so grateful your in our life's!!!

My three Miracles

My Miracle Baby

So if I don't get these written down I will forget so please forgive me this is really hard for me to write about.  On June second we were busy finishing up a wedding for my mom's friend. Matt's mom took little Branson with her because he had all he could take of wedding stuff, Kayson stayed with Matt and I he was just playing while we were getting food ready.  Well the little man crawled pass me to go to the front room so I followed to make sure all doors were shut and that he couldn't get into any trouble. So after making sure everything was good I went back to get the rest of the food out for the wedding party. Within the span of 15 minutes I realized I had not seen Kayson so in a panic I ran to the family room and in the midst of everything going on someone came threw the front door and left it open. So runny outside to see if I could see him I heard the most worst scream ever I can even explain what I heard, my first thought is that a car had hit him, but as I looked around I still could not see him.  I turn toward the side of my mom's house were she has two ponds as I ran over there, there was my baby boy floating it the water turned on his back with water all around his face completely terrified.  I jumped in after him he was completely white and his lips were very blue. I ran inside and my mom and dad helped me get his clothes off his poor diaper was so big and heavy, Matt came in and we decided to take him to the emergency room when we got there one of my moms neighbors was working so they took us right back and had him hooked up to the machines his color started coming back which was good. They took an x ray of his chest and found water spots in his lungs so we had to watch him and bring him back in six hours so they could check him again. His poor tummy just sloshed he had drank a lot of pond water.  So when we got back to my mom's house I went out to look at were he fell in, my mother came out with me and as we were looking were he fell my mom pulled two huge rocks that fell in after him, he fell right were the pump was so it should of grabbed his clothes and held him under, then were he should of popped up is right were the water fall is. I found him on the other side floating on his back. Kayson sure had his Heavenly Father watching over him along with his guardian angels. Even the doctors at the ER told us that he should have drowned.  Kayson mommy his so happy that there are so many people on the other side watching over us, because with everything that happened you should not be here, so remember you have a great purpose on this earth and stay so close to your Heavenly Father he loves you and will always watch over you!